Lize Graceland
How to become a VIP customer of Lize Graceland

Register your information when you have staying-in Artistic Suite or Merry Inn of Lize Graceland for two days or more,

you can become our VIP customer

VIP Benefits

1. you will enjoy a 88% discount of the reception price for your second time living in Lize Graceland after becoming our VIP customer

2. we will give a special discount for some companies and customers which have an appointment with Lize Graceland

3. you have the priority for reservation, discount and other favorable activities

4. you will get the consumption points coupons and take part in our activities and lucky draws for our VIP customers for free

5. you have the priority for reservation when we are lack of available rooms

6. when you can not chick-in within the given time with any reason, we will keep your reservation till 20:00 after our telephone confirmation

7. you will receive a birthday present from Lize Graceland when the day you stay in is your birthday

8. you will get a souvenir from Lize Graceland

VIP Titbits



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