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As China’s first successful case of solving the problem of environmental protection with the enterprise involved in coordinating economic development, "YOKOHAMA-Lijiang Laojun Mountain Sustainable Development and Ecological Protection Project" has obtained good environmental and social benefits since it has launched, and was named the State Ecological Strategy Institute Project Observation Site. Lize Graceland, as the project communication venue for three consecutive years, has got compliments for our good site environment and considerate service from the experts and business leaders who attending the meeting.


Flowers, wine, cake, ring, blessing… yes, all the romantic words you can imagine were all in Artistic Suite, where was full of love. On December 27, 2011, a man would ask a woman he loved to marry him.

They met at the age of eighteen when the story began....Two young people fell in love. Nothing in life is sure, they had their own families and children in after years. However some people were born to be together. They met again and found the love still there. For six years they accompany with each other, sharing joys and sorrows. This time he decided to hold her hand, always and forever.


A month ago he came to Lijiang to find a place which is perfect for his proposal. At the end, he chose Artistic Suite, a senior private resort hotel. His story moved our stuff totally, so we decided to prepare a wonderful and special marriage proposal together with him, of course she had no idea about it. The big day was on December 27, her birthday. Full of expectation and excitement, we prepared the delicious dinner, decorated the hotel, found the most beautiful flowers. For me, as the emcee, I practiced nervously and earnestly.

The moment came…she bowed out the candle and made wishes with joy. Then he took out the gift - a photo album that he designed and made all by himself for two months. He is a master of photography, and also her private photographer. In scenic spots they visited he recorded the sole memory for her with the camera, each scenic spot with a poem he wrote. After she saw the surprise, she hugged him tightly. He recalled the memory of the difficulties these years and the firm of their future. We all moved by their love and his sincerely words.

When he took out rose and ring with one knee kneel down, "marry me! "! We could feel the sweet and nervous drumming heartbeat. For an instant, she was surprised and touched, happily and joyful, and then the ring was put on her finger with eternal love and companionship. Our guests were impressed by the scene, too. Although we were strangers for each other, although we were just ordinary person in the long journey, although we could be apart in the next moment forever, but in this time, we were witnesses and participants of an amazing marriage proposal. We were in Artistic Suite just like at home, the people in Artistic Suite were our family.

Our stuff and guests gave the blessings. And Mr. Lin, on behalf of their friends from Singapore team, sent their special gifts. Everything was so wonderful at night.

Love is so deep and so simple. Our hearts shake for one tiny pretty thing because of love. Romance is enjoying the beautiful scenery and you, my lover. Artistic Suite collects and shares the love for you.

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