Lize Graceland
Artistic Suite

As the first luxury hotel of Lize, Artistic Suite combines Naxi classical style with modern equipment and commits to create a comfortable and excellent environment where you can enjoy the beautiful time in Lijiang.

Naxi girls are passionate and loyal and have no fear for love. While Naxi boys are elegant and courteous, standing out for their versatility in piano,chess, calligraphy and painting. The passion and gentle of Naxi people are throughout of Lijiang. Artistic Suite has always been the gathering place for calligraphers,artists and writers. Innovated ideas are inspired and great works are created over here. As a land of culture over a hundred years, the style of Artistic Suite is in the circumstance of calligraphy and painting. At the same time, it was decorated by the works of calligraphy and painting from many places.


Yunxuan Room
Yunxuan Room is in a wonderful site, the whole yard is in your eyes when open the window. In the morning the fresh air comes with the soft sunshine, half awaking your day begins. In mid-afternoon, you lie in the soft sofa lazily, killing time with coffee or tea, feeling the beat of Lijiang. While the evening, flowers in your room is of faint fragrance, the sky dims gradually, floor lamp adds more warmth, looking the big clouds in the sky or watching the small fishes swimming in the pond. How about enjoying a bubble bath before your sweet sleep at the shine of stars?
Yinyue Room
Located on the second floor, Yinyun Room is one of the very big suites with a 55 square meters of Lize Graceland. It provides a panoramic view of the yard when leaning on the window. Or let`s just sit on the soft carpet, doing nothing just relax. In the evening open the window you can spend the wonderful moment with the moon in a quiet night. Then enjoy a bubble bath, look at the moon through the skylight, see how it shines for you…
Qixiang House
Qixiang House is the only house of Lize which has a sole yard. Taking Xiang as the name of the House because it hides quietly beside the door, like a shy beauty. It is ordinary at the first sight, but after you entering the door, you will see an exquisite yard which has smooth pebbles and beautiful plants. Sitting in the cane chair under the grape trellis, you spend an intimate and comfortable time. How nice!
Songyu House
Songyu House gives you an ancient feeling. Imagining this picture, you lean on the window watching the trees swaying in the wind, the sunshine go throughout the wooden window making the room bright and in shadow, you want to talk to the cloud, you want to chat with the pine standing in front of the room... you forget the time. Then go to the yard and have a rest with the lovely things and your good mood, begin your journey.
Yinzhu Room
Yinzhu Room is a duplex suite, the same with Songyu Room. The big soft bed is next to the windowsill closely, turning around you can see the wooden stairs on the other side through the drapery, the time and the space is private. At the end of the room, lies a couch which you can have tea or read a book in it in sunny days, when raining the scenery outside the window is also beautiful. Just listen to the rain hitting the roof splashing on the windowsill. Or go to the first floor, just rest, just a daze, just simple and happiness.
Lanting Room
Fenglu Room is the smallest of Lize Graceland. It is also the most lovely and charming room. Inside, the style is just as warm as other rooms. Open the window and the door you can see a maple, small but pretty. Whatever the weather is, the maple stands like a young girl with good feature. Especially after the rain or in the early morning, the water drops in the maple is so glittering and translucent and you can`t help touching. Then go to the yard for a walk under the arbor and sit in the hanging chair, how wonderful the time is.
Fenglu Room
Lanting Room's location is the main room for first family where the host received visitors in the past according to the traditional pattern of a house. Our designer made three single rooms become one big room which seems quite big and beautiful. The indoor decoration is warm and comfortable. Exquisite carved window makes light gentle, when lying in bed, sleeping with the bed curtain you will have a really good dream. Lanting Room is of great beauty, delicate and warm just like Lijiang's simplicity, elegant and romantic.
Sweet Family Room
Family Room is on the second floor of Artistic Suite
Honeymoon Room
Honeymoon Room and Sweet Family Room are both in the backyard of Artistic Suite. If you getting up in the early morning then go to the terrace smell the most fresh air, oh, you may also find the plants with dewdrop are more beautiful. The old town is still sleeping quietly.If lie in then open the window, the morning air and sunshine are bedside. There is also a tea area in the yard, you can enjoy the tea, embrace your love, feel Lijiang's charming.
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