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The Lize staffs are those people who know Lijang very well and work with the passions for life and traveling. We provide any kind of advices for playing and eating in Lijang. No matter what you like, a crazy night in the bar or seeing your face reflected on the Lugu Lake like a mirror. We all can arrange them upon your budget, time and mood including the route and the traffic. Please feel free to ask for the free service. We are more than happy to help you to see and feel another way of living of Lijang. We have many secrets view point in our pocket.



Lijang is an amazing place for romance. Lize has many stories to tell of our guests from around the world. W are well-experienced to arrange the moved moment of our guests for those whom their beloved. Of course, those instances are not seen as out of the ordinary experiences but more like events within the realm of everyday possibilities at the Lize.
Let us to make the magic moment for you!



Shopping is the last piece of puzzle that complete the perfect traveling. The old town is the best place allows you to explore the serene beauty of the Lijang. Take a leisure stroll on the stone roads, relaxing and shopping. There are many kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs which are full with Lijang folks.

Please feel free to inquire for any kind of help.


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