Lize Graceland
From our founder

That year I came to Lijiang at a friend’s invitation,
at that time I lived in the Banyan Tree , just had some sports, hanging around the old city
Well... Only knew the poly-ethnic city had a different atmosphere
But did not fall in love with Lijiang.

The second time I came to Lijiang, also at my friend's invitation,
I lived in a hotel just like living in an ancient city,
the moment I realized I had never been in Lijiang…
Some good hotels are over hundred years in the Old Town of Lijiang
It's really an amazing feeling for me, a city person,
I could hear the squeak when walking around the yard in the ancient house,
the unique atmosphere surrounded me…

I slowed down my pace,
feeling the every moment of the ancient house with my heart
Local flavor, tea and book,
the ancient house and the old elegant rocking chair,
the blue sky and the sunshine,
the laughter from the distance, the songs girls hummed,
I thought nothing, I forgot myself, just in a daze…

Sometimes I went out but not far away.
Mostly I went to Zhongyi Market, to have a look at the difference from others.
Stood in a center surround by many heaps,
with bags of fruit and vegetables in my hand,
I could see the Yulong Snow Mountain in the sky, not far away...

I walked along with the Three Well street,
snacking around on each unclosed-door yard,
every family had a strange dog.
I also met a Naxi old man, who had a good skill in flowering of orchid.
I called him uncle He.
He would always be happy when I came to visit him just for chat.

The first time to see the Lijiang Impression,
a wonderful show with the natural scenery as a backdrop
I was in tears when hearing the lines at the end of show, just as other audiences.
The driver asked me, “Do you like it?”
I said it was really touching.
He said I would not feel the same when watching again.

But can you believe that each time I watch the show, my eyes are full of tears,
No words can describe the feelings…
Yulong Snow Mountain, Maoniuping, Blue Moon Valley, Ancient Tea Route…so many…
I decided to stay in the magical city
Cause it's really magic.
After a long time searching,
I had my first yard, Lize Graceland,
It is an old yard with one hundred and sixty years old history,
located in the center of the Old Town and closed to Mu Palace,
once was an academy for poets and artists, such a wonderful place.
My second yard, Merry Inn is in on the hillside,
from where we can have a view of all the old yards in the Old Town.
In the morning see how the old town welcoming the sunrise
and how the old town was shined with the golden at sunset.

Because the whole Lijiang Old Town is a protection historical cultural heritage of the UN,
it's really a rough work to fix and build the yard which cost us nearly one year,
that's incredible for our friends in the Old Town.
But I always told them,“ it worth the time.

A couple spent their holidays with their family in our yard,
described like this, “It's just like I am an official at ancient time when I live in your yard with my big family…”
I told him that a hundred years ago there was once lived a big family, powerful and influential.
Grandparents were chatting and having tea under the apple tree,
kids were swing, chasing with each other,
mom, dad, uncle and auntie were eating cherries just picked up from the trees in the yard,
appreciating the beautiful sights and talking about the past things…
They took pictures for each corner of the yard, each scene of the old town, each member of Lize Graceland…
With a satisfied and happy mood, they were about to leave,
our housekeepers and workers were hard to say goodbye…

They often share wonderful moments in Lijiang with their friends on Lize Graceland`s website and Lize Group.
Whenever a new customer tell us
once there lived a traveler in our yard is their friend and also suggested them to live here, everything we had done is worthy…

Thanks, for all of you…

(By:Monica Lee)
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