Lize Graceland
Lize Culture

Lize has been devoted to build up a kind of modern life style, focuses on creating a fusion of the nature and history of Lijang. To provide those guests who stay at Lize with a one-of-a-kind loading experience.

Now, two hotel of Lize Group are located in different areas of Lijang with the different outlooks and atmospheres. But both of them can make people feel unaffected. The passions of Lize behind the visions are easily found.

All those services and thinking of Lize is people oriented. We would like to create a warm and comfortable environment not only by the interior decorations of the hotels. Those guests who stay at Lize will feel being a member of the big Lize family and being cared warmly and sincerely. We try to make all our guests loose themselves and feel a soul-enriching impression in the journey by staying at Lize.

Bon Voyage

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